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“There are people who are experts with the technology, and people who are experts for the user, and people who are experts with business folks in mind. It’s a rare person who embodies all three—which makes Kate an exceptional resource for exceptional times. She gets ‘it’ and she gets it quickly. And then she delivers ‘it’.”

—L. Parker, Operations Management/Techonology Consultant, F3

“Kate designed a system for our company that gave us a competitive egde, allowed us to manage vast amounts of information, and was impressive to our clients. She continues to serve as a consultant long after the project was complete, guiding us in business decisions, upgrades and new capabilities we can integrate into our system.”

—J. Smith, Administrative Director, SJG Executive Search

“Kate was one of the best investments my company ever made! She understood my company’s needs and goals and exceeded expectations.”

—I. Abramson, Owner, iSpy Animation and Design Recruiting